Windows of Bass prod Dn3

by RoQ'y TyRaiD, RoQy TyRaiD, Dn3, Dn³

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RoQ'y / TyRaiD back at it with a brand new sound!! "Windows of Bass" produced by Dn³ ... is the quintessential Night Time Crusin music. Don't just try this on at your laptop.. throw it on the playlist and add this to your evening soundtrack. 3 different stories.. 1 dope hook.. and a smooth beat.. like we always say round here..


Cruisin down the freeway, 3:33 in the AM/
Gettin lifted as this smooth beats playin/
Shorty to my right, speakin about stayin the night/
Cuz shes thinkin about ME thinkin about, layin that pipe/ Light streaks through the sky like cray-ons/
Towards. Her. Spot. She. Movin my ha-nds/
Placed it on her thigh, you'da figured she the fly type/
She want the "perfect guy, so why she tryna fit in MY LIFE?? IM like / I don't , really do roma-nce / It's a big gamble I don't wanna take the cha-nce /
Committed to music, so findin the girl that ride right/
Can be the little difference between limelight and lightbrights/ But I can be your man. for the night. if the price right / Just pay me your mind and we'll see if we vibe right / Give it time and we'll take it from there /
As her love notes mesh into the melody , bass , and the snare/

I'm rollin down the road of life and I ain't slowin down anytime soon/ With my Windows up and my Bass on high! With My Windows up and my Bass on High! /
I'm cruisin!! (Yeah! Yeah!) Nah, baby I'm movin!! (Yeah! Yeah!)

Music is life, everything has it's place/
Even the wheels hittin reflectors are in-sync with the low bass/ Reminisce with me and my guys when we were ridin/ Treatin life like a big D-U-I /
We all eventually "pull over" /
We all eventually crash from Natural Causes, or gettin dumped on... like bulldozers/
Everything evens out.... could say it mediates/
Think you're on the right until it deviates/
If you ain't seein straight.. you'll run off the road/
Next thing you know, ambulances po-po's with the reel of tape/
You're finished before you cross the line.. but you reached the gate/
How's death "before its time" yet you believe in fate??/
Look. We can't change it, we get closer with every minute/
To your Final Destination.. minus the premonition/
So I, stay on course.. remain on track/
Long as my engines kickin.. til I hit the off ramp, like: /

I'm rollin down the Road of Life and I ain't slowin down anytime soon! / With my Windows up and my Bass turned high! / With my Windows up and my Bass turned high! (high!) / I'm crusin!! (Yeah! Yeah!)
Na, nigga I'm movin! (Yeah! Yeah!) /

I'm in my brother's shoes, I feel his wings around me /
Rather it be reversed, I rather him say this about ME /
But it is what it is, gotta live/
Even if some bitch tried to conspire against my nig /
You know the power that ill will could harbor ? /
Take away brothers, damn near kill fathers /
Meth hit a family member hard /
Slowly smokin away dreams of being a star /
Doin shit so egregiously wrong /
All that's left for me to do is please through this song /
And say a prayer , he ain't figurin we care /
You feelin lost .. but nigga, we still here! /
You see us throwin out this rope for ya/
This lifeline as I record this lil note to ya, nigga /
Yeah, he's gone but his vision's still alive /
Gotta keep, movin on, he'll be there when we arrive!
Space Ghost, whaddup!!

I'm rollin down the road of life and I ain't slowin down anytime soon/ With my Windows up and my Bass on high! With My Windows up and my Bass on High! /
I'm cruisin!! (Yeah! Yeah!) Nah, homie I'm movin!! (Yeah! Yeah!)

Now let it ride out....


released January 24, 2012
J. Raiford (BMI)
M. Raymond (BMI)



all rights reserved


RoQy TyRaiD Phoenix, Arizona

RoQ’y TyRaiD has a uncompromising sound which is deeply rooted in the 90s heyday of unadulterated hip hop but with a contemporary flavor. Those who are blessed with the opportunity to hear this man’s unique mixture of wordplay, wittiness, originality, brazen yet smooth delivery, controversial subject matter, and charisma will proclaim him DOPE without a shadow of doubt ! ... more

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