Rhyme and Reason: Coronation

by RoQy TyRaiD

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RoQy TyRaiD reunites with the Rhyme and Reason radio crew of Phoenix, AZ to create yet another introductory masterpiece. Production by M Slago

Catch Rhyme and Reason every Friday night at Midnight MST on 101.1FM or AzTheBeat.com


RoQy. Ty. RaiD

Time for me to run around Phoenicians, put the town's emcees into the ground beneath us/
Non-believers, hope you found your seats, forego formalities, bestow The Crown to me. Some/
Mad at me for jumpin' out of the scene and tourin' out in En-gl-and without a visa/
I'm distinguished, you can find me featured durin' Rhyme and Reason every Friday evenin'/
Every time I handed 'em a tune, they spin it like capillary tubes/
Through this simple action status is accrued/
Generating capital from groves/
How come this ain't happenin' for you? /
You too complacent to me/
Creatively vapid, your cadences weak/
I suggest takin' a knee/
Perpetually chasin' my lead, that's where yall fated to be/
Pitiful, never should've been approved/
It's considered rude, but I'll assume while yall bitter dudes/
All your music's identical/
It's the muse for Steph Curry's tennis shoes/
I've -- been improved, every song's a masterpiece/
Your "bars" need John Tafferty. Get a stool/
Then Google what "nonfactor" means/
You want a shot outclassin' me? Get in school/
Rappers, yes, I demand respect/
Our out that door you'll get Jazzy Jeff'ed/
You see, your ass can't pass the test. This is rap, not Mass Effect/
Psycho Pat AND Fact are next/
Better catch their sets/
They got them NBA Jams for your basket nets/
Everything that's wack's exempt, so don't act depressed/
I'm a God, this station should be tax-exempt/
Stop the sentiments. I'm like Rok with the penmanship/
Twist your top like a Renuzit/
I am far from a "resident"/
'Bout to take it from the top, once Mattlocks settles in/
With immaculate playlists, your samples are basic/
You'll never make the cut like Anthony Davis/
Guess who joined forces?/
RoQy-Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen/

It Goes..

Psycho Pat, Rok, Mattlocks, Fact, where you at? (x4)

Rhyme and Reason/
It is time to begin, keep your dial synched in/
They're on they job, you best apply from Linkedin/
Get the pod, so if you miss a bar, you can rewind the sequence/
Writer's Guild/
We come to your spot and your tires squeal/
The title was never yours/
Toe-to-Toe, won't survive, get a better goal. On your 7th Drive and you never scored/
I'm snappin' like Pinterest/
More quotables than applyin' for medical/
I'll snatch all you niggas up/
Children of Men and I'm Chiwetel Ejiofor/
Most Fear for seven years/
A walking weapon, I should tour in a Metal Gear/
'Far as Arizona spitters, I paved the way/
Me and Rhyme and Reason saved the Day/



released December 23, 2016
Lyrics and Performance - J. Raiford (BMI)
Production - C. Jones (BMI)



all rights reserved


RoQy TyRaiD Phoenix, Arizona

RoQ’y TyRaiD has a uncompromising sound which is deeply rooted in the 90s heyday of unadulterated hip hop but with a contemporary flavor. Those who are blessed with the opportunity to hear this man’s unique mixture of wordplay, wittiness, originality, brazen yet smooth delivery, controversial subject matter, and charisma will proclaim him DOPE without a shadow of doubt ! ... more

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