by RoQy TyRaiD

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"Preach!" , the latest RoQ'y / TyRaiD venture is perhaps the most controversial song as of yet. Viciously cutting through the stellar, gritty production of Felony Muzik with the sharpest of wit, lyricism, and execution.. RoQ'y , in "TyRaiD" form..embodies the spirit of the iconoclast in order to restore the system of Checks and Balances. From the questioning of mainstreamed blind faith to the martyring of athletic icons, THIS IS "PREACH!" and THE CULTRUE IS BACK!!!! Project: Ark of Arts ..2012


no longer in you fools, immoral cesspools will the youth believe in / you pathetic excuse for human beings/ why follow followers in a culture teeming with variety ?! / you're completely meaningless to society / for your habitual lies you're despised by me and minds a-like/ conspiring / to galvanize emaciated minds in dire need / of food for thought / and the desire is high, surprisingly / remove the veil from they eyes and you're far from awe-inspiring / flaws revolve entirely around your insecurity / outwardly fantasizing your financial durability and / sexual conquests you act like the concept / of getting pussy is far-fetched / the definition of a man is out of context / if anything respect the farmer not the darn bread! / hiding knives under your sleeves with your arms stretched/ deceit is in the wind / yall niggas got me preachin again / houston we have a problem

Scratch Rap by DJ Madd Rich

raised in a christian household sine i dont know how old / religion's been my chaperon instilled within my backbone / couple with my fathers hypocritical tutelage / the svengali to a Lee Malvo til it's outgrown/ everything from sneezin was secular so / beatings was regular requiem of a character / preachin / "everybody's goin to hell , includin michelle / that's my mothers name I'm just quotin him verbatim/
the amalgamation of faith, fear, and tradition for generations / is the breeding ground for manipulation / I'm just sayin / certain instances it's contingent on hatred / ethnic cleansing done crippled whole civilizations / at the drop of a dime / when its rumored to have evolved from astrological signs / someone answer this and do me a favor / how does one worship Jesus yet praise amen-ra at the end of each prayer/ WAIT! / I'm no athiest / matterfact the 2nd law of thermodynamics proclaims He exists / I'm just questioning your purpose / do you do this out of fear of feeling worthless or because we're constructed to live in service? / and in unity / you chose to believe the crown that brutally murdered women / pretense of thinking their witches / while concurrently rewriting religion / heightened suspicions / you worship to conform.. and not to be reborn/ research!

Scratch Rap by DJ Madd Rich

dont even get me started on weaves / if you addicted to extensions then im knockin your steeze / nothing worse than a woman that wont even leave her crib with out a sown in wig / evidence of disease / courtesy of white america / we taught to believe / our ethnicity is inferior / subconsciously weak / straighten our hair and only date fair chicks / til darkness extinct/
then with bravado yell "black is beautiful" / same crap as usual / traded our slave ships for a fake sense of freedom / mental slave ship per diem we embrace european traits / i.e. Sammy / could you gladly explain why you think bleaching's okay / are you motherfucking insane?! / are you serious man?? / you went from the Joe Louis of baseball to a skinny ass michelin man / or the highest paid clown multiple meanings to the phrase / you think you're ashamed of us when its the other way around.. TOM!!!

Scratch Rap DJ Madd Rich


released December 28, 2011
J. Raiford (BMI) / D. McGinnis (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


RoQy TyRaiD Phoenix, Arizona

RoQ’y TyRaiD has a uncompromising sound which is deeply rooted in the 90s heyday of unadulterated hip hop but with a contemporary flavor. Those who are blessed with the opportunity to hear this man’s unique mixture of wordplay, wittiness, originality, brazen yet smooth delivery, controversial subject matter, and charisma will proclaim him DOPE without a shadow of doubt ! ... more

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