LAX to Germany

by RoQy TyRaiD

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RoQ'y TyRaiD here with the brand new release, "LAX to Germany" a collaborative effort between myself and German producer Rice Master Yen. We wanted to do an ode to the "golden era" sound of the mid 90's and this song was the result; infusing smooth delivery with a laid back, catchy beat which will definitely put you in cruising mode. LAX is about encouraging more international collaborations of indie scenes; we're all headed in the same direction.


Tired of this environment, I favor somethin' more/
Can't wait to go abroad , once some paper has been stored/
It's in my nature to explore, nations I'll embrace/
Savor their allure, just a little taste/
Relaxation is the cure for the pain that I've endured/
My affliction's bad/
I treat my passport like a prescription pad, all of the gift of gab/
While my head's in hot water like a lipton bag/
Me and Dawn should be boppin down the autobahn, shoppin in paris/
RoQ'y and his commandants/
Raisin hell with Seven and El from Venice to Belgium/
Spendin our endings on linen and memorabilia/
Then head to Australia , off promoters expenses/
Jet-settin's in our best interest/
Movin' and shakin', Zulu Nation/
RoQ Riffs (YEAH RIGHT!) assume your stations/

And it's like that, from Los Angeles to Germany, baby/
And it's like that, don't act like you ain't of me, baby/
And it's like that, from Los Angeles to Germany, baby/
'Cus it's like that (go..go-go-go-go)/

Can't be humble in the jungle, in the second Great Depression/
Either hunt or become hunted, play at your discretion/
Stay on the offensive/
Even if I cave to the pressure, I'm a mine, no one's safe in your sector/
Deceased and ghost, but legacies will never die/
Like soldiers and cobras in G.I. Joe/
I'm Big Ten in this b*** man, you D2/
I see-food like fish stands, and eat crews/
Like Goya, Rice, and Cheese, no one's nice as me/
My world , you just live in it, if you don't like it, leave/
NOW you're on my wagon, like I copped me a Volvo/
You Powderpuff n***'s ain't stoppin' my Mojo/
Jojo's a better rapper than you/
You little ****** ain't movin' 'til the Captain salute/
Hmph. I wrote this in my sleep, who told you, you're a beast??/
You the lion in the jungle? I'm the Poacher in the Jeep/

And it's like that, from Los Angeles to Germany, baby/
And it's like that, (check) international, don't act like you ain't heard of me baby/
Cus it's like that, (uh yeah) from Los Angeles to Germany, baby/
And it's like that, (uh yeah... passport stamp it up , let's GO!) /


released June 12, 2012
J Raiford , BMI



all rights reserved


RoQy TyRaiD Phoenix, Arizona

RoQ’y TyRaiD has a uncompromising sound which is deeply rooted in the 90s heyday of unadulterated hip hop but with a contemporary flavor. Those who are blessed with the opportunity to hear this man’s unique mixture of wordplay, wittiness, originality, brazen yet smooth delivery, controversial subject matter, and charisma will proclaim him DOPE without a shadow of doubt ! ... more

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